Dana’s Weekly Roundup
Hi everyone!

Limiting yourself to 3 things might sound completely unachievable but it actually helps you to be more productive. I also try to finish thing 1 completely before crossing it off and moving on to thing 2. A good read on pricing – very tricky to get right.



Deer in the wild.


1 Simple Habit That Will Make You More Motivated and Less Stressed

We weren’t talking about lists, but the topic of balancing an entrepreneurial life came up. In the most casual way, she said, “Oh, yeah. I limit myself to [doing] three things per day.”

Wait, what?! I had to stop her right there.


9 Pricing Strategies to Explode Your Revenue (Backed by Psychology)

Get ready, because what I’m about to say is… well, it’s depressing:

You’re probably pricing your product or services wrong.


The World’s Happiest Man Wishes You Wouldn’t Call Him That

His name was Matthieu Ricard. A few weeks earlier, I’d been half-listening to NPR in my kitchen, letting the news of the day wash over me—all bullets and belittlements—and perked up at the words happiest man in the world.