Dana’s Weekly Roundup

Hi everyone!

Fact: Most women earn less than men in the same job. This needs to change. Salesforce is a great example of that initiative. Transparency is the first step. Negotiating and supporting each other is what we as professional women can do. We will not underestimate and undervalue ourselves any more.



Wookiees at Comicon.


The Key To Oprah Winfrey’s Success: Radical Focus

“I’m here,” I tell her, “to learn how Oprah gets stuff done.”

“Okay, great!” she replies. “I can help you with that.”


This is How My Mind Thinks About Your New Solution (…and how you can change it)

You and your marketing machine are pitching me benefits (e.g. gains). It only makes me think you are hiding something that will make my life worse. All new things have some downside. My first thought is not gains….please deal with it.


Earning Less Money Isn’t A Choice That Women Just Make

It’s true that many women do not pursue higher-paying jobs in engineering or science ― fields that are dominated by men. But that’s not the main reason the pay gap exists. In fact, 68 percent of the gap can be explained by the fact that women make less than men within the same occupations.