Dana’s Weekly Roundup

Hi everyone!

I’ve been binge listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons, based on her latest book Big Magic. This episode featured Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York, sharing his experience in doing things before you’re ready, or perfect, or even “good enough”.



Flamingos gathered in the shape of a flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula


Magic Lessons Ep. 202: “Make the Brutal Into the Beautiful” Featuring Brandon Stanton

Elizabeth Gilbert advises Anne, a photographer in Pennsylvania. For the last few years Anne has been documenting her brother’s life. He’s a veteran with PTSD and a recovering drug addict. She imagines turning all this material into a photo-essay exhibit or book, but she’s afraid to take the next steps to make it happen. To help guide Anne, Liz calls up her friend Brandon Stanton, the photographer and creator of the photo series “Humans of New York.”


How to write a creative action plan you’ll actually follow

A Creative Action Plan (CAP) is a document that you add to and access regularly that contains action items in 10 key areas of your business so that you always have steps you can take to move forward.


What Happened When I Moved My Company To A 5-Hour Workday

I moved my whole company to a five-hour workday where everyone works from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Over a year later, we’re sticking with it. Here’s why, and how we made the change work.