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Zig Ziglar is a must read for anyone who wants to sell. Talent isn’t fixed and can be cultivated. Great productivity tips for the afternoon slump.



A photographer who was heading home from a weekend of camping was stunned when he waved goodbye to a bear – and it waved back.


50 Productivity Tips That’ll Help You Beat the Afternoon Slump

For those times when you’re not able to sneak away for a power nap, we’ve got 50 tips to boost your brainpower and get you so focused and motivated, you’ll be surprised when the clock strikes 6.


Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar – Book Review

Ownership closing – paint the picture of what their life will be like w/ the close. in the house, look at the tv to watch football here and have breakfast with coffee over here. After showing someone something nice, you can show them something cheap.


Talent Isn’t Fixed and Other Mindsets That Lead to Greatness

If we believe that someone’s talent is fixed—including our own—we are effectively writing off any options for growth. But if we believe that talent, or intelligence, or any other ability, evolves as a result of how much effort we put in, the opportunities are endless.