Dana’s Weekly Roundup

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For those who are job hunting, you know how frustrating and broken the recruitment process is. Spending time on your cover letter and application, following up and hearing silence… Liz Ryan advocates for a Pain Letter instead of a Cover Letter.



Cover Letters Are Dead — Send A Pain Letter, Instead

I don’t want you to write any more cover letters. There is a better way to get a job.

You can send a letter to your department manager – the person who will be your boss in your new job — directly at his or her desk.


One Content Metric to Rule Them All

This post walks through how we combined our content metrics for the Moz Blog into a single, easy-to-digest score, and better yet, almost completely automated it.


Meet the woman who wrote Michelle Obama’s DNC speech — Sarah Hurwitz

When Sarah Hurwitz sits down at her laptop, she puts on her noise-blocking headphones and imagines Michelle Obama’s exacting voice in her head.